Who is YPL Consulting?

Catalina Dickerson co-founder of YLP Consulting and is also the marketing director for The J.M. Dickerson Law Firm, a firm that specializes in business formation and asset protection serving Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley. She has over 20 years of people management and marketing experience and has produced result-oriented teams and campaigns in the healthcare marketing industry, business and non-profit/volunteer realm. Her pursuit of creating and shaping opportunities to funnel business for growth has led her to lead teams for success. Whether managing a marketing department, or managing a household of 5 boys and two little princesses, Catalina is grateful to God for His blessings and is looks forward to helping others find their balance through servant leadership and two-way accountability.

Since graduating from St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio in 1995, author and Texas board-certified estate planning and probate attorney and co-founder of YLP Consulting, Joseph Michael Dickerson has always liked to build things, rather than breaking things apart. With nearly 25 years of experience as an attorney who focuses on helping people resolve problems and plan for the future, Mike, as he is known to many, spends the majority of his time running his practice and guiding his law firm staff. He has taken the tools he has learned through his professional coaches and mentors and is now returning the favor by offering his business coaching expertise through Your Launch Pad Consulting. By treating his law practice like a business, with weekly measurements, goals and accountability, he has realized record growth and increased client satisfaction and he wants to share that know-how with you.