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Your Launch Pad Consulting, where we are launching your dreams and clearing a path to profit.
We are a business consulting firm that helps launch our client’s into the profit stratosphere.
YLP Consulting provides business coaching, training and subscription services.

More often than not, business owners don’t need more leads. They need the know-how to convert more of the leads they already receive! And some need a helping boost of new business to get them off the ground.

During our initial consultation, we spend time to understand your current business and marketing strategies. Next, we want to know where you envision your “dreams” to take you; your ultimate goal. We focus on business and profit problem solving.

Our approach in addressing your goals can include business coaching, corporate and sales training, brand development as well as a member subscription service for your ongoing needs and advancement. We help fix the leaks in your profit rocket!

We have structured a unique subscription service with three membership levels designed to meet you where you are in your journey to profit and success. When you become a member of Your Launch Pad Consulting you become a business owner with benefits! You can choose from three levels of benefits; from receiving weekly marketing, management, and investing strategy tips to becoming part of an exclusive Mastermind group with top professionals and titans of industry.

Access to profit launching know-how has never been easier with options that can fit every type of entrepreneur.

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